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Large Cash Bail Bonds - Large Surety Bonds

Large Cash Bail Bonds in Arizona

When the court assigns a large cash bail bond on a defendant, it typically is the first signal of how severe the charges are against the person.  The court makes a statement that it doesn’t want the inmate released until the prosecutor and defense have been given the opportunity to present an argument as to why, or why not the bond should be reduced, or converted to a Surety bond.  Many clients prefer to hire a private attorney at this juncture and have the attorney make the motion at the next hearing for a bond reduction.  Hiring a private attorney  for a bond reduction is a good tactic because if successful, they could reduce the amount of cash that needs to be spent.  Unfortunately, the next hearing date could be weeks away and most people won’t have the time to wait for the next hearing date.

Cash-Only Bail Bonds™ provides 2 options for posting your large cash bond.  Option 1 is the cheapest in the long run, with this option you provide us with the full bail amount and we act as your agent by posting your cash.  You don’t need personal property for collateral with this method, as your cash or credit card charge acts as collateral.  When the case is over and the bond has been exonerated, your full bail amount is refunded.  Our 10% fee for posting bail is non-refundable.  Option 2 is offered when you can’t provide us with the full cash bail amount and you want us to to use our cash for the transaction.  This method requires you to provide collateral; the only acceptable collateral for a large bond would be a lien on real estate.  The fees will run 30-50% of the bail amount and depend upon on the equity and location of the real estate provided.  When the case is over and the bond has been exonerated, the lien would be released on the property.

Large Surety Bonds in Arizona

Cash-Only Bail Bonds™ can post any size surety bond.  We are backed by the largest and oldest surety bail bond underwriter in the country, Allegheny Casualty Company.  Large Surety bonds require collateral just like their cash bond counterpart, therefore, our clients will be required to use real estate, cash, or credit card charges to secure the entire bond.  The premium fee is 10%.  Once the case is over and the bond has been exonerated, your property would be returned to you.

Please call us for a detailed discussion of your options and procedures.

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