Providing bail bonds to the jails in Flagstaff, Prescott, Camp Verde, Globe, Holbrook, Show Low, St Johns, Kingman, Payson.

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We are the nation's largest and most dependable supplier of cash bail bonds, posting any size bond, large or small.

Arizona Bail Bonds Service

Providing bail bonds to the following Arizona counties & towns.

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What is a Cash Bond?

A cash bail bond, typically referred to as “cash only bail bond”, is a Court-ordered financial guarantee requiring the full amount of the bail to be paid in cash.  This is in contrast to the more commonly known “Surety Bond” which may be purchased from a licensed bail bond agent for 10-15% of the bond amount.  Cash bonds are assigned by the Court for a variety of reasons, including: failure to pay fines, failure to appear for a scheduled hearing, out-of-jurisdictional warrants and for defendants that are considered high risk where the chance of a their failure to appear in court is great.

What We Offer

  • We can post your cash or ours, ensuring your privacy.
  • We can take Visa, MasterCard, AMEX and Discover credit cards by E-mail, Fax, or phone.
  • We can take money orders, MoneyGrams or wire transfers.
  • We have flexible collateral requirements, accepting most types of assets.
  • We can coordinate the entire bail procedure by phone and between multiple parties.
  • We can also post Surety bail bonds.

Arizona Bail Bonds

Cash-Only Bail Bonds™ provides bail bonds in Arizona to all county jails.  Arizona has 15 county jails; we provide daily service to Coconino, Yavapai, Apache, Navajo, Gila, Maricopa, & Mohave county for any sized bond.  Although our primary market is Arizona, we can provide large cash bail bonds to other states.  Generally speaking, in order for us to post a cash bond in another state, the bond would need to be $50,000.00 or larger to be cost effective for our client.  Call us for your Arizona bail bonds, but please check on our pricing for your out-of state cash bonds.

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Coconino County Bail Bonds

Flagstaff Bail Bonds

We post Coconino County bail bonds in Flagstaff 7 days/week, including holidays at the Coconino County Jail in Flagstaff and at the Page Jail Substation.  Cash-Only Bail Bonds ™ has a Flagstaff office located across the street from the Coconino County Jail.  Inmates incarcerated at the Page, Arizona jail can have their bonds conveniently posted in Flagstaff.

Misdemeanor charges for Flagstaff Bail Bonds are booked via a bail schedule, so those arrested on misdemeanor charges may post bail immediately.  If an inmate has been arrested on felony charges a bail bond will not be assigned until the defendant has appeared for their Initial Appearance.  Initial Appearances are typically not held until the morning. As a normal course of business, we always recommend that you wait until the inmate goes to their Initial Appearance before posting bail.  However, if the defendant has been assigned bail bonds in Flagstaff or Page and can’t wait until morning, call us and we would be happy to post bail.

Flagstaff bail bonds that must be paid for unpaid fines are typically forfeited by the court and applied to the defendant’s financial obligation. Cash-Only Bail Bonds can conveniently post these bonds on your behalf if you pay the full bail amount and fee via a credit card, alternatively,  funds may be wired or deposited into any major bank. See our Fines/Child support page for more information.

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Yavapai County Bail Bonds

Camp Verde Bail Bonds

Cash-Only Bail Bonds ™ is a main supplier of Yavapai County bail bonds at the Yavapai County Jail.  Inmates with Prescott bail bonds and Prescott Valley bail bonds are posted at the jail in Camp Verde, AZ. Because Yavapai County is one of the largest counties in Arizona, all bail bondsmen meet at the Yavapai County Jail lobby to conduct business.  However, we can conveniently handle all of your transaction via Fax or email so travel to the Camp Verde Jail is not mandatory.

The Camp Verde Jail is a 24-hour facility, but inmates will not be released after dark unless someone waits to pick them up.  The jail is located three miles from Interstate I-17 in a rural setting.  Taxi service is available from Camp Verde as well as Cottonwood, AZ; there is also a shuttle that stops in Camp Verde to take passengers down to Phoenix and the airport.  Many inmates walk to the interstate, which is a three mile hike.  Call us for additional details for bail bonds in Camp Verde, AZ.

Communities in Yavapai County:

Prescott, Prescott Valley, Cottonwood, Camp Verde, Chino Valley, Sedona, Village of Oak Creek, Williamson, Paulden, Lake Montezuma, Clarkdale, Dewey-Humboldt,  Cornville, Black Canyon City, Cordes Lakes, Congress, Bagdad, Mayer, Spring Valley, Wilhoit, Yarnell, Seligman, Jerome, Peeples Valley, Ash Fork.

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Gila County Bail Bonds

Payson Bail Bonds

Bail Bonds in Gila County may be posted at two jails located in Gila County; the Payson Substation located in Payson, AZ and the main Gila County Jail in Globe, Arizona.  We post all Gila County bail bonds, including, Payson bail bonds and Globe bail bonds at the Payson Substation, which is located across the street from the Payson, AZ courthouse. The towns of Payson and Globe are not situated on main thoroughfares so our agents will typically need to travel in order to get to Payson, Arizona.  Allow at least two hours before your bond is posted.  All bonds will posted during daylight hours only.

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Holbrook Bail Bonds

Cash-Only Bail Bonds ™ has provided Holbrook bail bonds in Navajo County for years.  We have an office located in downtown Holbrook, AZ so that your Navajo County bail bonds may be posted quickly and conveniently at the Navajo County Jail.

There are two jails in Navajo County; the Navajo County Jail and the Show Low Annex.  The main detention center is located in Holbrook, AZ next to the Navajo County Superior Court. Holbrook, Arizona is located off of Interstate 17 and has Greyhound Bus service, but does not have car rentals. The Navajo County Jail does not release inmates after dark unless someone is available to pick up the inmate.

The Show Low Annex is located off of Penrod Rd in Show Low, AZ.  The Show Low Annex is a temporary holding facility for those individuals that are arrested in the White Mountain communities, including the towns of: Lakeside, Pinetop, Heber, Overgaard, Snowflake and Show Low.  We have a Show Low bail bonds agent available from 9 am to 5 pm.  Inmates may be released at both jails by posting bail at the main Holbrook facility.

We also post bail for the Navajo, Apache and Hopi Indian Reservations and the towns of Winslow and Joseph City.

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Apache County Bail Bonds

St Johns Bail Bonds

St Johns, Arizona is the home of the Apache County Jail; all St Johns bail bonds in Apache County are posted here.  The Apache County Jail is one of the smallest and friendliest jails we service; people arrested in Sanders, Concho, Eager and Springerville will be detained in St Johns. We are the closest Apache County bail bonds company to the jail in St Johns, AZ.

The Apache County Jail is off of the main thoroughfare and is located in the quaint rural community of Saint Johns, Arizona.  Public transportation in and out of Saint Johns is non-existent, so making arrangements for transportation will be necessary for a released inmate.

Most of our St Johns bail bonds transactions can be handled long distance via email, phone, or Fax.  We can also meet you at the jail if it is more convenient for you.  The Apache County Court is around the corner from the jail and the Motor Vehicle Department is across the street from the jail.

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Maricopa County Bail Bonds

Phoenix Bail Bonds

Cash-Only Bail Bonds ™ has been the main supplier of cash bonds to the Maricopa County Jail for many years.  We have three agents located in phoenix who can post your Maricopa County bail bonds, or Phoenix bail bonds. The Maricopa County Jail will accept cash from a Phoenix bail bondsman licensed in Maricopa County, the jail will now accept cash from the public.  Most of the court-ordered cash bonds originating with the city or justice courts will be forfeited to pay for outstanding fines owed by the defendant, however, Superior Court cash bonds will be returned upon conclusion of the case or upon exoneration.  All cash bonds for unpaid child support will be forfeited by the Superior Court and used to pay-down the defendant’s obligations.

Most of our transactions may be conveniently handled via phone, email or Fax. Please visit our website,, for more information on bail bonds in Phoenix.

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Mohave County Bail Bonds

Kingman Bail Bonds

We post cash bonds for the Mohave County Jail, located in Kingman, AZ.  We can post cash-only Mohave County bail bonds Monday through Friday when the courts are open and/or surety bail bonds 24-hrs day 7 days/week.  Cash bail bonds in Kingman must be posted at the court, as the jail will not accept cash from the public, or from bail bondsman.  Although, the Kingman Jail’s practice of not accepting cash bonds from the public is illegal, they manage to get away with it by offering a kiosk that allows you to feed money into the machine.  The kiosk vendor charges a fee for using the kiosk and the kiosk is subject to malfunction, use at your own risk, or wait until the courts are open.

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*We offer State-wide service for the larger cash-only bonds, including service to Phoenix, Tucson, Florence and surrounding areas.