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Bail Bonds for Fines and Child Support
Cash-Only Bail Bonds™

We can help you post your bond for fines or child support if you charge a credit card or make a deposit into our bank account for the full bail amount and fee.  Daily service to Coconino, Maricopa, Navajo, Yavapai, Apache, Gila and Mohave County.

Bail Bonds for Child Support and Fines

Arizona Courts can have you arrested for unpaid fines and child support.  Typically the defendant will have received numerous unpaid fine notices and a summons to a hearing to explain why he/she has not paid the fine prior to getting arrested; keeping your address current with the Court is your responsibility.  If you receive a summons to court and subsequently Fail to Appear, the court will issue a warrant and set a bond amount equal to, or greater than the fine owed.  Frequently, the bond set for your release is equal to your unpaid balance, but not always.  Most Arizona Justice or Municipal courts plan on forfeiting bonds that are posted for fines or child support and will use those funds to pay for the Defendant’s outstanding balance.  Because Cash-Only Bail Bonds will not receive its money back on bonds posted for unpaid fines or child support, we will only post those type of bonds with your cash.  You may pay these bonds with one or more credit cards, bank deposit, or cash in hand.  If you use a credit card, you will at least be able to pay off your card over time with the credit card company.

Some courts will allow you to serve time in county jail in lieu of paying cash for the fine. However, time served in jail is never substituted for missed child support payments. Child support must always be paid.

On occasion, when a person is arrested over the weekend or a holiday, we may be able to post bail if we will be reimbursed once the banks open.  Adequate proof of cash available and collateral will be required before entering into this agreement.

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