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Posting Bail with Credit Cards
Cash-Only Bail Bonds™

No need to struggle with collateral, or traveling to the jail to post bail; charge it on a credit card.  We Post bail bonds to Arizona jails in the towns of Flagstaff, Phoenix, Camp Verde, Holbrook, St Johns, Kingman, Show Low, Payson, Globe, and Page.

Third Party Postings

Credit Card Bail BondsWe can act as your agent to post your cash for any size bail bond.  Cash-Only Bail Bonds can conveniently post your cash for you if you live out of town or want to reduce the risks associated with posting cash with the Court (conversion of bond to pay for fines) .  We will research the Defendant’s case and call the court/jail to determine your level of risk because a qualified third-party posting by one of our bail bond agents is your safest alternative for posting cash bonds.

Surety companies and most bail bond agents do not deal with cash bonds.  They will eagerly take your cash but will not do the necessary risk assessment for cash posting, nor will they take the kind of responsibility we do for your money.  We are Arizona’s largest and oldest supplier of cash bonds and we know how to protect your money and ours.  If the bond you are trying to post is for unpaid fines/child support, the bond is generally forfeited in full to pay the defendant’s outstanding obligations.  In some instances, having your bond posted by a licensed bail bondsman may prevent the court from applying the bond to the fine.

There are a number of convenient ways you can provide us with cash:

  • Credit Card payment
  • Wire funds from your bank to ours
    • Wells Fargo Bank
    • Chase
    • Bank of America
    • National Bank of Arizona
  • Cash in hand

Return of Cash Bail Bonds

Cash that you have provided to us to post your bail is returned to you once the bond has been exonerated and returned by the court.  Courts typically take anywhere from 2-6 weeks to return the bond.  Within 24 hrs of receiving the bond back from the court we will call to inform you of its receipt and to get your mailing, or deposit instruction; we do not credit your credit card.  Cash-Only Bail Bonds has a flawless record of returning cash from exonerated bonds. We have never had a complaint filed against us with the Department of Insurance and our reputation is blemish free with the courts and jails.

License No: 10183806

Arizona Department of Insurance – License Search
Phone: 602-364-2499;
In-state toll-free 800-325-2548


Exoneration – release of the bond by the court