No Collateral Bail Bonds

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Doing things the right way is always cheaper, but sometimes life doesn’t make it easy or cheap.  If you have enough cash, but lack the property for a conventional collateralized bond, we may be able to help.  Arizona Bail bonds posted daily to the following counties; Yavapai, Coconino, Apache, Navajo, Gila, Mohave.


Low Collateral / No Collateral Bail Bonds

Cash-Only Bail Bonds on occasion provides low to no collateral bail bonds.  Because our Surety company requires all bonds to be fully collateralized, we will have to post low/no collateral bonds in cash; cash bonds are good for one year and must be renewed annually if the case is still open.  A low/no collateral bond increases our risk, therefore our fees are much greater when we do this. Under all circumstances, providing collateral on any bond will be your cheapest option, however, we may consider your request for a low to no collateral bail bond – each situation is different, please call us for a quote.

Factors influencing our decision to post a low/no collateral bail bond would include:

  • Defendant’s arrest record or prison record.
  • Defendant’s court history; has he failed to appear for hearings?
  • Is the Defendant employed?
  • Is the Indemnitor employed?
  • How long has the Indemnitor / Defendant lived in Arizona?
  • Family ties.
  • Severity of the charges
  • Size of the bond.


Collateral – Property or titles given by a person to a bail bond agent who then posts the bond.

Defendant – Person charged with a criminal act.

Indemnitor – Person financially responsible for any loss on the bond